Welcome to the World of Dobbs


Yes, Dobbs is my real name.  When I was born in the hills of Arkansas my wise parents (Dr and Mrs Raymond Franks) decided to give me a name which would not necessarily identify me as an Arkansas Hillbilly.  I believe they were successful.  Dobbs Franks has turned out to be a name I am proud of and has allowed me to become a conductor and pianist who has worked all over the world.

This website is merely to give you an easy way to find out whatever you might be interested in knowing about me.

I have had and am having the most wonderful life as a musician.  I have been blessed in a multitude of ways.

The biggest blessing of my life was finding and marrying Ruth in 1966.  We had the most fabulous life together as husband and wife, father and mother and were able to share our essence because she was a fantastically wonderful violinist as well as wife and mother.  We made music all over the world and enjoyed a life that most can only dream of.  She died in October 2008 at the age of 92.  The difference in our ages only gave us joy and never a problem. She was everything one could wish for as a partner in life and music.

I hope that the information available here will be of interest and know that I am still making music at roughly 100mph.